I'm Sophie, married to Simon and mum to Jeremiah (10), Isaac (8), Malachi (5), Ezekiel (3) and Zechariah (2). Also our 2 little ones in heaven, Eleanor (2005) and Elisha (2011).

Jeremiah has Autism.

Isaac has hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers Danlos type 3 and uses a wheelchair for anything other than very short distances.

Malachi has hypermobility and wears piedro boots to support his ankles

Ezekiel has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, hypotonia and development delay

Zechariah was born with sepsis and has mild development delay.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Malachi and physio

Malachi had his physio session on Wednesday.  We nearly didn't make it thanks to the bus we needed to catch being a double decker.  The physio was really pleased with his progress and thinks he will be walking in the summer.  I sometimes feel that I don't take Malachi's issues seriously enough because he is not as bad as Isaac so it was good to know that he really was doing well and it wasn't just me thinking that.  He is into everything at the moment, trying to nose dive off the changing mat and will crawl towards an open stairgate at the speed of light.

The physio wants Malachi to have piedro boots but his feet are so tiny they don't make them small enough.  He is being referred to orthotics anyway to see if they can suggest anything.  She also remembered Isaac which I thought was impressive seeing as she last saw Isaac at 5 months old.  She said nobody could forget Isaac but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not!

Isaac has a GP appointment next week to be referred to the orthopaedic team to sort out shoes for him to wear for PE at school.  Then occupational therapy to measure him for a chair.  Jeremiah is doing well.  They had a supply teacher yesterday who brought his guitar which was very popular with the class.  Even the little girl who has autism and doesn't do change well really liked him.

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