I'm Sophie, married to Simon and mum to Jeremiah (10), Isaac (8), Malachi (5), Ezekiel (3) and Zechariah (2). Also our 2 little ones in heaven, Eleanor (2005) and Elisha (2011).

Jeremiah has Autism.

Isaac has hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers Danlos type 3 and uses a wheelchair for anything other than very short distances.

Malachi has hypermobility and wears piedro boots to support his ankles

Ezekiel has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, hypotonia and development delay

Zechariah was born with sepsis and has mild development delay.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Malachi - almost 7 months

Malachi will be 7 months old tomorrow.  He isn't sitting on his own yet but he is more stable in his bumbo these days.  He weighed in at 14lb 9oz this week.  Off to see Nicola (consultant paed) next week and phone appointment with genetics as well.  It feels like everything is coming together and I finally feel that these early days of panicking are over.  It took nearly 2 years to get to this point with Isaac so this is really good progress.

Not sure what we are going to do with genetics.  We are going to the appointment with an open mind and we'll just see what they suggest.  I don't know if it will benefit Isaac and Malachi to have a diagnosis or whether it is worth persuing or not.

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