I'm Sophie, married to Simon and mum to Jeremiah (10), Isaac (8), Malachi (5), Ezekiel (3) and Zechariah (2). Also our 2 little ones in heaven, Eleanor (2005) and Elisha (2011).

Jeremiah has Autism.

Isaac has hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers Danlos type 3 and uses a wheelchair for anything other than very short distances.

Malachi has hypermobility and wears piedro boots to support his ankles

Ezekiel has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, hypotonia and development delay

Zechariah was born with sepsis and has mild development delay.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Malachi - 8 months

Malachi is 8 months old today.  This weekend he has done a bit of rolling and he's getting quite good at it.  Today has been a manic day.  Took Isaac to TOG (Taunton Opportunity Group) today.  Malachi and I went to new parents group and then we all went to the drop in group this afternoon.  Isaac slept 13 hours last night and he was still tired this morning.

I've been promoting the time to chat group this summer and so has Mel, the portage worker.  Today 3 mums said they'd be there which is an exciting yet terrifying thought.  Mel and I have been meeting up for a year now trying to run a group that nobody else goes to and while it's exciting that we might get some other people coming, I'm worried that they'll come and not like it.  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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