I'm Sophie, married to Simon and mum to Jeremiah (10), Isaac (8), Malachi (5), Ezekiel (3) and Zechariah (2). Also our 2 little ones in heaven, Eleanor (2005) and Elisha (2011).

Jeremiah has Autism.

Isaac has hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers Danlos type 3 and uses a wheelchair for anything other than very short distances.

Malachi has hypermobility and wears piedro boots to support his ankles

Ezekiel has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, hypotonia and development delay

Zechariah was born with sepsis and has mild development delay.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

out and about

After 2 days at home I decided to take the boys into wellington to get Malachi weighed, buy a few bits in ASDA, get some photos printed and hopefully run into some people we know from school, preschool etc while we were there.  Not literally run into, although with Jeremiah pushing the buggy it was fairly likely!

We got Malachi weighed and measured at the childrens centre (8.77kg, 73cm).  He'd lost a tiny bit of weight and his length had slowed down a bit but as he'd eaten quite a lot just before the last weigh in and hadn't this time I wasn't worried.  He is now following the 2nd centile for weight and is 2.5cm below the 0.4th centile for height.  Nicola and the dietician are still convinced that if he puts on loads of weight he will catch up in length but so far that hasn't happened.  But as he is no longer failure to thrive the various professionals aren't panicking about his weight so we will carry on with the small amount of infatrini he is on and keep weighing him every month.

While we were in the childrens centre the builders at the school next door set off the smoke alarm so we all had to troop outside to the park and wait to be let back in.  Isaac in particular wasn't impressed until the fire engine turned up!

On the walk back into town one of the front wheels of Isaac's wheelchair fell off going up a kerb and Jeremiah ran over a piece of glass and a thorn with the buggy which proved to much for the slime filled inner tubes.  I managed to get the wheelchair wheel back on.  It's the 2nd time it's happened so I knew what to do but I'll be phoning the engineers today to get them to come and have a look as it's not very safe and if the bolts fell down a drain when the wheel flys off another time we could end up stranded.  We were only a little way from the bike shop by this point so I pushed the buggy while Jeremiah pushed the wheelchair, trailing slime as we went.

So it was an eventful trip out but we did end up meeting 4 friends which was nice.  Getting out and about is hard with all 3 of them and the wheelchair etc but I'm glad we did it.  Internet shopping is all very well but I think we all needed a change of scene and to talk with different people.  We're off to the hospital on Tuesday which will be a good opportunity for Isaac to practice self propelling on the shiny floors.

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